Say goodbye to lackluster sales and marketing campaigns that fall SPLAT

Facebook ads and email marketing for course creators and service providers who want to scale

Say goodbye to lackluster sales and marketing campaigns that fall SPLAT

Facebook ads and email marketing for course creators and service providers who want to scale

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What’s your biggest headache?

My Facebook ads don't work

Facebook is ALWAYS changing. You need an ads manager that is up to date, can nail your messaging and knows how to win on FB today.

I need to make more money with email

Your email list is your greatest asset. Increase sales to your list by sending segmented sequences to prospects at their unique stage in the customer journey.

I want more leads from Linkedin

Posting randomly and just making connections won’t bring you consistent leads. A solid, proven strategy is in order. I can help you do it right.

You are awesome at what you do

You just wish you had someone you can trust, who cares about getting you the kind of fantastic results you see others bragging about on social media.

Marketing on your own is draining your precious resources and seriously gnawing away at your confidence.

Your head is swimming with all the options and you have no freakin’ clue if you’re doing it right or if you even need to mess with all these shiny new marketing tactics.

What you do know is that your offer or service solves problems and changes lives.

But but but

How in the world do you get it in front of more ideal customers?!

You shouldn’t have to BE an expert marketer to be a smashing success in your business

With me on your team you get 2 for 1 magical fun 😉
Automated Sales Funnels that finally get results!

Let's get you unstuck!

Hey, that’s my cue!
Hi, I’m Melanie. I make it my business to help established business owners like you to create a customized social media and email marketing system that runs in the background — so you can get back to the business of transforming lives.

If you’re ready to start to:


Check out some awesome results I got for clients!

10X'd ad spend

30K course launch for a first-time course

“Melanie carefully tested out audiences for their viability in meeting our targets. After a successful launch with demonstrated results through the Facebook ad campaign, we will work with Melanie to promote upcoming programs, courses, and offers.”
Dr. Azi Jankovic

Coach and Community Builder

Generated 10K+ new leads and dramatically increased ROI

Sam Max

CEO of Fuller Brush

$1.73 per lead every hour of the day

“Melanie’s Facebook ads got me consistent leads pretty much every hour of the day during our campaign. It was such an amazing feeling! Work with her if you want to grow your email list fast.”
Rena Yudkowsky

Memory coach at Memory Matters

New subscribers daily at an average of $1-$3 per lead

“Melanie’s work directly generated over 1,000 new email subscribers in a short time; some donations and most of all, she did not need much oversight. She is proactive and positive energy.”
Rabbi Daniel Rosenstein

The Hebron Fund

2X'd her email list in 3 months

“Melanie definitely delivered. Within 3 months, we doubled my email list. She put together Facebook ads and tested them to ensure we were getting the desired results. She even showed me how to keep my ad running afterwards. If you are looking to get awesome results, work with Melanie.”
Suzanne Healy

Functional medical coach at Body Heal

Dedicated to getting results

Even if you happen to find a rare FB ad specialist – slash – conversion copywriter, you won’t find one as dedicated as Melanie. Dedicated to your success, and dedicated to her craft. Melanie’s invested tremendously in learning from the best, in staying up to date, in experimenting and doing (and getting results). And she really really cares. Which is kind of important as you hand over a chunk of change in ad spend…
Nikki Elbaz

Conversion email specialist, Copy Hackers

Choose your own adventure:

Facebook Ad Fun

A working funnel is no joke but never fear because your funnel fixer is here!

As long as you know you need to invest at least 1k-5K per month to have a fighting chance to get real results, I’m here to help.

We will dig deep into your current marketing, find the kinks and whip them into shape so your funnel becomes the slippy slide you dream of at night.

Next we’ll make sure your messaging is hitting a bullseye in your current copy assets. (lead magnets, quizzes, landing pages, sales pages, emails)

And then the fun begins!

I will build out a number of campaigns that help you build a list of qualified leads and make sales to reach your revenue goals.

No more merry-go-round that gets you nowhere and just makes you dizzy.

Email Sequence City

You have a growing list of loyal fans, but don’t know how to get them to BUY stuff.

I will help you to put proven email automation sequences in place at strategic points in your customer journey so all that money left lonely on the proverbial table goes straight into your pocket.

Your email newsletter has the power to bond your subscribers to you like hot glue–if you use it right.

Frequent emailing for info-tainment brightens up the lives on your list so when you are ready to offer a new product or service they will beg you to take their money.

Once you have these emails to do the heavy lifting for you, your subscribers/customers will be ready to buy when you launch your new offers.

Then, sit back and enjoy the scenery and the beautiful view of your burgeoning bank balance.

Linkedin Landscapes

Your service is mainly B2B and those folks hang out in Linkedin Land.

It may seem impossible to scale your lead gen efforts without using spammy automation or spending hours reaching out to prospects who can smell a stinky cold pitch from miles away.

My proven Linkedin method includes frequent, consistent posting of quality content that builds authority for your brand and provides value to your connections, so you get those prospects to knock down YOUR door.

100% helps deliver ROI

Melanie’s a *LEGEND* when it comes to Facebook Ads. From finding the right audiences to tweaking and scaling campaigns, she 100% knows what to do to help deliver ROI. We worked together on developing a few campaigns for a client and with her genius insights we were able to achieve $0.01 video views on some of the client’s ads. Highly recommended – if you can work with Melanie *do it!*
Eden Bidani

Saas conversion copywriter

Your results matter to me--a lot!

I refuse to waste your money like so many other marketing agencies. If I can't help you, I'll let you know.

You can trust and rely on me to get the job done. Campaigns aren't working? We'll tweak them till they work.

I really care about your success. I keep in regular touch and never leave you in the lurch or disappear for days on end.

So what's it gonna be?

Will you:
Keep trying to go it alone and bang your head against the DIY brick wall?
Hire an expert whose ONLY job is to make marketing work for you –while you do what you love best. (and take the $ to the bank)
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Successful launch with demonstrated results

Working with Melanie on Facebook ads and email copy has been a pleasure. In our recent campaign, Melanie created email copy and ad copy. She consulted on the ad graphics, and carefully tested out audiences for their viability in meeting our targets. After a successful launch with demonstrated results through the Facebook ad campaign, we will be continuing to work with Melanie to promote upcoming programs, courses, and offers.
Dr. Azi Jankovic

Coach and Community Builder

Get consistent leads and sales every single day